Jim Butler, Partner & Chair of Global Hospitality GroupĀ®
Jim Butler, Partner & Chair of Global Hospitality GroupĀ®
July 31, 2016
Michael Houlihan, Founder of Barefoot Wines
Michael Houlihan, Founder, Barefoot Wines
August 9, 2016
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Alex Fender, SEM, Adwords, PPC Expert

Alex Fender, SEM Expert

Larry is an outstanding man who is grounded, knows his purpose, and is a servant leader. No matter what sacrifices you have to make, I strongly recommend that you make it a point to meet him, find an event that his speaking at, hope that you can be invited to his Mastermind, and read his books Victory and FLASHPOINTS for achievers.

I first met Larry at NATCON 2014 in Atlanta in a workshop he was teaching about building elite teams. In that 1 hour session, he helped me solve a problem that I had been facing for more than 6 months.

I also had the opportunity to spend 3 days with Larry in Anaheim, CA at his Elite Entrepreneur Private Mastermind. He is a true leader that I look up to and aspire to emulate both personally and professionally. Thank you, Larry, for the knowledge and advice you have shared with me.